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A sports and conditioning program can help you acquire a variety of abilities that will help you perform better on the field. Using a technique known as strength conditioning training, sometimes known as complicated training, focuses on increasing muscle,strength and power.

Strength conditioning combines strength exercises from the ACE Integrated Fitness Training Model’s load phase with power exercises from the performance phase to enhance muscular force output (strength) and rate of force production (rate) (power).

A strength conditioning training set consists of two exercises performed back-to-back with a short rest period in between. The first exercise is a four to six repetition strength exercise with a hefty weight (ideally fatiguing by the final rep). The second exercise is a power workout with five to eight repetitions of forceful movement.

Strength and Conditioning Personal Trainer

You need to improve your strength and conditioning if you want to be ready for anything, from lifting vehicles off newborns to scoring the game-winning goal. I Mr. Tom Mukumba is certified trainer to create a Sport Strength and Conditioning Plan, whether you currently have a tried-and-true strength and conditioning program or want to break out of a training rut.

Warmup Plan before strength and conditioning workouts

Spending 10 minutes warming up properly before any activity (yes, even cardio) can not only lower your risk of injury, but will also help you perform better. Perform the following exercises in the following order:
  • Jog for 2 minutes
  • Knee Hugs 20
  • Knees that are too high 30 seconds of running
  • Kicker of Butts 30 seconds of running
  • Ten jump jacks
  • Squats (10)
  • Lunges (10) (5 on each side)
  • 1 minute of planking
  • 1-minute side planks on each side

Strength conditioning training with Mr. Tom Mukumba

Regardless of your current fitness level or ambitions, I have the appropriate program for you. It makes no difference what shape or size you are because at Tom Eric Fitness, I have upped the bar for strength and conditioning workouts with diverse programs that all give an incredible workout and the results you’re looking for. Our classes are organized into six-week blocks with a clear progression. They aren’t chosen at random.

Strength and conditioning workouts - A Tailored Approach to Fitness

Our lessons comprise of high-intensity functional motions that are regularly altered. To build the workout of the day, combine Olympic lifting, gymnastics, and cardio (running, rowing, skipping, etc.). Every day is a new combination of motions and prescribed weights to maintain your body and mind in top physical shape. Everyone can benefit from Tom Eric Fitness. Every workout is completely scalable, allowing each person to work at their own pace.


You will grow and achieve your goals over time if you follow our programs and listen to our trainers. If you’re looking for something more tailored, we can do that as well.

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